Suggestions on How to Naturally Take Care of Your Tattoo

At first, a tattoo might seem like any other piece of art. Over time though, it literally grows on you. And just like you want to maintain that youthful look, so should your art work. Thus, you need to get the Best Lotion for Tattoos, among other care accessories.

Comprehensive care Tips

Before getting any deeper, it is important to understand that there are plenty of dynamics. People have different skin structures, tattooed areas differ, and artists vary as well. Thus, should you experience things not outlined, it is always wise to seek help. Such serious cases as excessive bleeding and pain should translate into a hospital visit, at least.

Tattoo pre-care

Not many talk about this aspect. For many, it is as simple as stepping into a parlor, giving instructions, and letting the artist perform his magic. Amazingly, not many seem to think their skin would need any advance preparation. Yet, on the contrary preparation is as important as aftercare.

Do not compromise on hygiene

Again, this starts right from parlor choice. Think of it, many instruments will be used on your skin. Instruments probably used on many in the past. It is therefore only natural that the place chosen maintains the highest hygiene levels probable.

Listen to the weatherman

Many go for tattoos right before summer. Show off appears to be a whim many cannot resist. Unfortunately, tattoos do not do too well in the sun. For that reason, it would be wise to get the piece of art just before seasons that have medium levels of temperature and moisture. That will ensure proper healing minus weather-related limitations or complications.

Cleanliness is key

Though swimming is prohibited, you can comfortably shower after getting a tattoo. Just avoid too much water contact and use a different antibacterial soap on the tattooed area. You should also not use a towel to dry out the area due to high germ presence on towels. Just let it dry out or pat with a paper towel. Do not rub too hard or scrub, just clean gently in circular motions.

Give up tight clothing

Aeration is key towards proper, faster healing. Also, you do not want your freshly done tattoo sticking onto your clothes. Consequently, avoid tight clothing or anything that rubs too hard on the tattooed area.

The lesser the water, the better

While it might appear as if the tattoo just touches on the surface, it runs deep. Consequently, too much water would lead to waterlogging of the pores. Since inner layers take longer to heal, that could possibly affect the tattoo’s inner structure. Furthermore, excessive moisture spells disaster for the skin-healing process. Dry healing serves as a working alternative, but moisturizers can be applied sparingly in cases where there is too much itching.

Long-term Tattoo Care

After about a month, the tattoo is all healed. From then on, you can make use of Brooklyn Grooming tattoo balm among other suitable moisturizers. It serves in the best interests of your skin’s moisture needs. Of course, it is fully natural and helps immensely in speeding up healing. Application depends on activity levels. Someone that spends much time in the fields would apply more times as skin dries. That in comparison to someone spending most of the time in air-conditioned settings.

Other Natural Balms

  • Bare bonus is fragrance-free, made of natural oils that aid immensely in tattoo conditioning.
  • Motherlove tattoo salve gets its healing powers from the herbs of Colorado. It soothes itchy skin plus aiding in ink settling.
  • Redemption tattoo care lubricates broken skin. Thanks to its natural, fragrance-free creams, and petroleum-based ointments.
  • A combination of mango, shea, and aloe butters, brings a stimulating touch all packaged in the Hustle butter.
  • If you love some sweet scents, fisticuffs tattoo balm will be an instant attraction. Made of frankincense, lavender, and eucalyptus it harbors an unbeatable natural aroma.
  • A blend of Aloe Vera, tea tree oil (cleanser), and peppermint (itch-reliever) form the Escents’ skin repair kit.


Tattoo care is quite broad and dynamic. Nonetheless, there are a few constants. For example, any products used should be antibacterial, fragrance free, and applied sparingly.